Surge of Saving Grace

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Luke 19:1-10

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One would have to know the kind of person Zacchaeus was before knowing Christ, to appreciate who he became afterward. He was a publican, a tax-collector, just as the one who prayed in the Temple with great repentance in last Sunday’s Gospel. Zacchaeus benefited from his short, stocky build to move cautiously and carefully amid God’s people. They hated him, because he, a Jew, exacted the taxes due to the Roman Empire.

However his soul, short and crouched as his body, expands and lifts itself to the height the tree he climbs to see Jesus. He had heard about Jesus and witnessed the power of the Kingdom near at hand from the disciples that went ahead of Jesus as Jesus made his way to Jerusalem. These faithful disciples opened up a well of deep, spontaneous love in Zacchaeus, breaking the bonds of greed and self-centeredness that bowed him to the ground.

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Bible Breaths
Wanting to see you, Jesus v. 3
Out on a limb for Jesus v. 4
You staying within my heart v. 5
You seek out and save the lost. v. 10

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