The Joys of Water and Fire

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Revelation 19

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Our reading today contains the only times that the word “Alleluia” is used in the New Testament. Alleluia—only found elsewhere in the psalms—is sung four times in the first six verses of the reading. Even as the final five psalms begin and end with alleluia, concluding this year of grace, so also does the Book of Revelation mount in songs of joy and praise as God’s final triumph over evil is celebrated.

Listen to the sounds of many waters in the wells of grace that God is sending upward from within you. See the points of fire in the eyes of Jesus against the white background of your day. Once again, be lifted high as Zaccaheus and let the Spirit share with you the fruit of joy as the living waters of grace, flowing as the blood of Jesus, reveal the victory over all the evils that are coming against you. Rededicate yourself to how you are living in the Church, the Bride of Jesus.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Salvation: Hallelujah! v. 1
To God: glory and power v. 1
Your name is “The Word of God.” v. 13
King of kings and Lord of lords v. 16

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