The Way of the Cross

Friday, November 8, 2013
Luke 23:13-43

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Pilate’s cowardice brings Jesus to the point of crucifixion. The Way of the Cross is laid out, the final steps of Jesus’ Jerusalem journey that bring him to rest upon the new tree of life. Accompany Jesus. Be there—not in memory only, but right now; today Jesus completes the cross in countless others.

Once again as Zaccaheus, high upon the tree, the “Good Thief” has the gift of seeing Jesus. Unlike the other thief, this one looks for and finds the silent spaces between shouts of hatred and groans of pain. He goes inward to where he can truly see Jesus and there makes his protestations of love for Jesus, belief in Jesus, and then his final “robbery” of paradise: “Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”

Even if your soul is a soiled as the wicked kings of Judah, there is still time!

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Bible Breaths
Carrying the cross of Christ. v. 27
“My Father, please forgive them.” v. 34
This is the King of the Jews. v. 38
Now with You in paradise. v. 43

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