In the Light of the Master

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Luke 20:27-38

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The Sadducees waste awesome moments in Jesus’ presence. Here they pose a question only designed to catch Jesus in the awkwardness of a dilemma. Puffed up in themselves, they resist the light of the Master, remaining in their darkness—smug and self-assured in denying that there is a resurrection. See the sneers on their faces as they put their question to Jesus, confident that he would be reduced to an embarrassing silence.

Jesus responds with a glimpse into the future life of the saints in heaven. The only spouse in heaven will be Jesus, the one in whom marriage finds its bond and meaning here on earth.

The arrogance of the Sadducees prevents them from dying to self so that they can rise in Jesus. The “dead” ashes-toner of a copier is stirred to resurrection only when it recognizes the light shining on the face of the “Master.”

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Bible Breaths
Silent before Your wisdom
In Your body all are one. v. 35
Child of the resurrection v. 36
You are God of the living. v. 38

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