The Sanctuary Swept Clean

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2 Chronicles 29—32

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At last, there is relief from chapters summarizing wicked deeds of kings! The good king Hezekiah sets out to restore true worship. The first step is to take out the rubbish that has accumulated in the sanctuary.

If you compare this account with the similar one in 2 Kings18—20, you will notice expansions on the theme of worship. The momentum of fervor in celebrating the Passover carries them into another seven days! Singing has great importance in the life of renewed worship.

Do you have any rubbish—or at least excess baggage—that is filling your inner sanctuary? Catch the fresh fervor of this reading. Together with the reading from Malachi yesterday, let the Spirit sweep your inner house clean as you pattern your life after the sacred words you are hearing these days.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
I’m chosen to minister. 29:11
Cleansing my inner temple. 29:18
I worship You all day long. 29:28
With us is the Lord our God. 32:8

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This is the eleventh of thirteen weeks in Kingdomtide, Year C.
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“Xerography” – An Alphabyte

Alphabytes are object meditations
that move through the alphabet two times
in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year.
“Xerography” introduces the eleventh of thirteen weeks in Kingdomtide:
autumn in the north, spring in the south.
Alphabytes in Kingdomtide: “Nose” to “Zoom Lens”

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

It is as taken for granted these days, as writing with a pen:
that ink dust could come to life at electric’s command,
lining up perfectly with the blackened image that hovers over it;
in a second comes a copy of a masterpiece of many hours.

Ashes and toner—the same in the Spirit.
When we are spiritually dead—self burned away—
then our ashes are ready to come to life,
taking the shape as a perfect spirit-copy of the master—Christ.
When we have nothing left to hold,
making no changes of shape or contour on our own,
then we can be formed, changed, transformed into the likeness of him
who died for us that we might live.

Open the Bible.
Let it hover over you, page by page, till you become the flesh version today
of what once was sweat and flesh and blood and praise
in the inspirations of past millennia.