“Already” and “Not Yet”

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Revelation 20

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Some people in remote parts of the world did not receive the news of the end of World War II until long after the victorious countries held parades of celebration. In somewhat the same manner, John keeps a tension between the victory in Jesus already won, and its not yet realization in all levels of creation. A new thousand-year period is upon us, heightening the awareness of the millennium of which John speaks.

There are various interpretations of the thousand-year period of Jesus’ reign. However, beyond calendars and literal verifications of the events in Revelation, the images of the triumph of good and the defeat of evil are meant to work there way into our lives until the Word of God’s victory touches the heart with praise.

Psalm 148 of yesterday continues its energy of praise into today’s chapter.

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Bible Breaths
May I bear witness to Christ. v. 4
Sharing in resurrection. v. 6
Judged according to my works. v. 12
My name in the book of life. v. 14

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