True Meeting

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Genesis 32:3—33:20

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Toward the end of the first four years of my ministry when I was a campus minister, one of the teachers at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y. where I was serving, criticized by efforts with the remark: “The trouble with you is that you want everybody to be friends.” “No,” I replied, “but I would like to provide opportunities for everyone to meet at least once.”

The enmity between Esau and Jacob, while not over for their descendants, did at least cease in the tender moment of meeting between these two brothers. How beautiful is the verse for the day! Perhaps Jacob became open to see the face of God in his former enemy Esau, because he had struggled the night before with the presence of God. Jacob wanted blessings—either by deceit, as he did with Esau, or by not letting go of God until a blessing came. Cling to the Lord in your prayer until the blessing comes.

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Bible Breaths
Steadfast love and faithfulness 32:10
Israel: “Striving with God” 32:28
Esau and Jacob weeping 33:4
Jacob resting in Shechem 33:19

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