Yoked with Christ

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Luke 21:5-19

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The harsh, pointed tip of the plow would have preferred to be silently stuck, jutting from the untilled soil. If it were thus, there would be no harvest to celebrate at Thanksgiving. If you have been tilling your soul with the seed-word of God each day, there will be fruit in your life. You are yoked with your Christ who is “pulling for you.”

This is the point behind Jesus’ prediction of the harsh events to come. The “end” is not something in the indefinite future, as many find themselves distracted by calendar-makers about what is to come; it is rather a quality of the present moment. Jesus invites you to continue to be in movement before the forces of darkness. There is no need to hide in an underground shelter, away from it all. With Jesus, you can plow your way into the very heart of evil itself and be victorious.

Be yoked with Christ.

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Bible Breaths
Your Temple is in my heart.
May evil not terrify. v. 9
Words of wisdom in my mouth v. 14
Grant, O Lord, that I endure. v. 19

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