Spiritual Lubricant

Monday, November 18, 2013
Malachi 2

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Malachi decries corruption on the part of the priests and marital infidelity in God’s people. He rejects expression of emotion as a substitute for true offering in worship. In the midst of the very refuse of false worship and other abuses that Malachi would smear in the faces of the unfaithful, there are verses that warrant profound reflection. Take vv. 5-7, reading them not as applied only to the Levitic priesthood, but to yourself; you are called to be a priest in Christ Jesus. The qualities described in those verses are for you to live.

Do not pull apart from the yoke of the Lord, but tie these words to you, as a link between you and Jesus. Let the words be as a kind of spiritual lubricant for your way—peace, reverence, trust, justice, equity, knowledge.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Giving glory to Your name. v. 2
God’s covenant of wellness. v. 5
Instruction comes from my lips. v. 7
I am messenger of God. v. 7

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