Life from Beginning to End

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ecclesiastes 9—12

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This wise writer in the evening of his life offers a sobering sense of the theme of the end of all things. While he fell short of the revelation about eternal life, still the perspectives he offers are valuable for personal detachment, setting priorities in life and realizing that the end of earthly life will come for everyone. God’s judgment will be the next event after our death as we all gaze alone with God upon the open pages of each one’s Book of Life.

Read slowly as though you are sipping hot cider on a cold autumn evening. Take chapter 12, verse 6, linking it with the encounter of the Good Thief upon the cross. The Lord will remember you in his Kingdom in heaven if you remember your Redeemer in his Kingdom upon earth.

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Bible Breaths
Wisdom is better than might. 9:16
The quiet words of the wise 9:17
Bread sent out and coming back 11:1
Breath returning to my God 12:7

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