No Enemies

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Genesis 41:1-52

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Joseph is a supreme example of what God can do to a heart disposed to serve even one’s enemies. He was free of rancor and of being a victim, either of his brothers’ betrayal, or of Egyptian injustice. He slept each night in peace, and so God was able to use his dreams as a way of freeing him to find favor with Pharaoh.

Will you allow yourself to be the answer to Pharaoh’s question in verse 38? If the patriarch Joseph has the Spirit of God, how much more do you who have received the promise, the regeneration, and renewal of the Holy Spirit! Once again, open your heart. Renounce resentment and hostility to any who have declared themselves to be your enemies. For you, there need be no enemies of your naming, for God is with you in Jesus.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
You giving answers to dreams v. 16
In me, the Spirit of God v. 38
Manasseh: “Pain forgotten” v. 51
Ephraim: “In hurt, fruitful” v. 52

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