“Bible” – An Alphabyte

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

A Meditation for the Five Senses

Take your Bible into your hands.
Feel the texture of the text—the cover, the binding,
the wholeness of it, the oneness of its many books.
Gaze upon its completeness. The whole of life is before you.
Smell its fragrance. Inhale the breath of life.
Listen to the silence as the book is closed—
as the curtain down before the play begins.
Now open it … pause …
Descend to the place of the day’s reading.
Look to the right and left, front and back at the countless others
beyond your room, yet within your heart, who read and pray with you.
Hear the reading—don’t just read it. Hear it together. Go further …

“Taste and see the Lord is good.”
This is communion—a sacramental taste of God inside of you.

Alphabytes are object meditations
that move through the alphabet two times
in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year.
“Bible” introduces the Second Sunday in Advent:
winter in the north, summer in the south.
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The Voice from Wild Emptiness

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Matthew 3:1–12

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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770) – “John the Baptism Preaching”

Last week’s voice of Gabriel from the tightly bounded Holy of Holies contrasts with this week’s call from the limitless wild of the desert. The barren void of Elizabeth’s womb has received the conception of John the Baptist. Today we hear the silence of the barren wilderness broken with the voice of John completing the prophecy of Isaiah centuries before.

The beginning of newness occurs with a fresh voice of God welling up from the inner, open expanse of the soul. Be there in silence. Feel the wild emptiness of your own spirit—that place of virgin openness beneath the more constructed space contaminated by routine, boredom, low expectation of life—just plain sin. The voice from within calls you to a completely new depth in your relation with God. This begins with repentance. Fall in with the crowds about John allowing their intense desire for spiritual change to do the same for you. John’s purifying water prepares the way for the fire of the Holy Spirit of God to ignite your soul.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Repent: the Kingdom is near. v. 2
Prepare the way of the Lord. v. 3
Fruit worthy of repentance. v. 8
The Holy Spirit and fire. v. 11

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This is the second of four weeks in Advent, Year A.
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Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from
The Revised Common Lectionary.
Year A is dedicated to the Gospel ofLuke.

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