The Spirit Breaks In

Tuesday, December 17
Joshua 6—8

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Jericho is taken, not by worldly strategies, but in the Lord’s unique way. It is time for what is “Jericho” in you to fall. Do some walking today in silence. Do not talk. It is Advent. Wait upon the Lord. Allow God to tell you when to make a move with your mouth. The decisive moment will come when God prompts you to speak or shout, breaking in upon any lying spirit that may lurk within your heart behind walls that need to fall. Like the shout when a karate chop breaks wood, let the Spirit break open the stuck and stubborn stuff in your spirit.

The Israelites hoarded enemy treasures intended only for the Lord. They were powerless before their enemies until they repented and released these treasures. Is there anything that you are clinging to or hoarding that belongs to the Lord?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Encircled by Your presence 6:11
Speaking only when You say 6:10
Giving all I have to You 7:13
My heart an altar for You 8:31

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This is the third of four weeks in Advent, Year A.
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