The Tolling Bell of Salvation

Wednesday, December 18
Psalm 3

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In the middle of this week that is itself the middle of Advent, there comes a cry in the midst of enemy territory. John the Baptist could have groaned this psalm from his prison cell. Christians and Jews persecuted today around the world can do the same. Strengthen their prayer by binding yourself to them with these words of salvation.

May your inner conviction of this psalm ring out with the same deep resounding toll of a great bell. The emptier and darker the night, the more the clarion-call of God’s salvation can silence those taunting, tempting voices that may be keeping you fretfully, frightfully awake. Be assured of God’s salvation upon your life as you sleep in peace and rise in confidence.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
You, Lord, a shield around me. v. 3
You lift up my head, O Lord. v. 3
Resting, for the Lord sustains v. 5
Deliv’rance belongs to You. v. 8

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This is the third of four weeks in Advent, Year A.
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