The One Drawn from Water

Saturday, December 21
Exodus 1—2

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Raffaello Sanzio – “Moses Saved from the Water” 1518-19 – Fresco
Loggia on the second floor, Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican

The Book of Exodus is called Shemoth in Hebrew, meaning “The Names,” due to the Twelve Tribes, which link the history of the book of Genesis with the beginning of Exodus. Continuity was broken; there arose a king of Egypt who did not know Joseph.

The mounting slavery of the Hebrews is bitter. God raises up a new leader for new circumstances—Moses. He is saved at birth from an evil king, as was Jesus.

Moses’ name means “The One drawn from water.” He would be the one to lead God’s people through water, prefiguring the One who came from the water of Mary’s womb, the waters of the Jordan, and who let flow the saving water and blood from his open side. Spend time praising God for the wondrous intervention God makes in history.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
One with all who suffer wrong 1:11
When I’m down, You lift me up 1:12
Like Moses, “Drawn from water” 2:10
Cries for help rising to God 2:23

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One thought on “The One Drawn from Water

  1. Often in The Bible Through the Season the juxtaposition of readings invite reflections that make for special meaning.

    There might not seem to be a connection between Christmas Day and the Sabbath reading from the beginning of the Book of Exodus, yet a Bible Breath suggests otherwise. “Moses: drawn from the water” reminds us that for Matthew, Jesus is a New Moses. He was born from the waters of Mary’s womb, and drawn from the waters of the Jordan in his baptism. The reading for the Sunday after Christmas, the Flight to Egypt, brings to mind that Jesus gathers to himself the whole history of the Israelites and its leader, Moses, who brought our ancestors from slavery to freedom.


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