Waking to the Lord’s Plan

Sunday, December 22
Matthew 1:18–23

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Rembrandt – “The Dream of St Joseph” 1650-55
Oil on canvas, 105 x 83 cm – Szépmûvészeti Múzeum, Budapest
Visit the Web Gallery of Art http://wga.hu

Two Josephs are with us this season⎯the patriarch and the husband of Mary. The Saturday readings about Joseph in Genesis blend with those in the Gospels relating with Joseph, foster father of Jesus. Both receive directions from God through dreams; both go to Egypt; both are “just men” of the Lord.

Enter into the scene of the Annunciation to Joseph. Imagine his pain before the intervention of the angel. Mary is pregnant by someone else. Just as for the patriarch, Joseph, Mary’s husband moves beyond being a victim of circumstances. He is more concerned for Mary’s well-being than for his own condition. God can work wonders with those who die to self.

Meditate upon Joseph as he falls asleep in anguish; be with him in the wonder of his waking.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Mary found to be with child. v. 18
Being righteous as Joseph. v. 19
Jesus saving us from sin. v. 21
God with us—Emmanuel v. 23

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