“Evergreens” – An Alphabyte

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

There are a few trees that defiantly resist the choke-hold of the cold,
squeezing away the green of summer.
They are curved into wreathes twisted into garlands,
clustered as centers for the table.
We invite one to visit us, wrenching it from what would have been
its never changing place, asking it to spend its final days
as a member of our family, reminding us of the Life
that has come to the world in Jesus.
When it’s all decorated with lights and ornaments of memory
spend time alone with this Christmas guest.

Recall the places and trees of the past. Welcome feelings that well up.
They are—like the branches—something ever-green inside of you,
memories ever-alive, seeking to be expressed for the deeper healings.
And when the season is past, thank the tree—no longer evergreen—

as it takes its place with all its sister trees
whose leaves have long turned brown upon the ground,
making next summer even more green than ever.

Alphabytes are object meditations
that move through the alphabet two times
in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year.
“Evergreens” introduces Christmas Week:
winter in the north, summer in the south.
To view all of them, see the menu option Alphabytes

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