Fruit or Ornaments?

Monday, December 30
Isaiah 5

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Photo Courtesy – Merlot Vineyard, Napa Valley, California

Hebrew poetry is at its best here, as Isaiah unfolds an image familiar to his listeners. There is tenderness in the poetry, especially in those verses where God’s hurt, pain and frustration about his withered vineyard are most expressed.

What kind of fruit has your life been giving? Wait … Ask God to tell you. Perhaps you do not discover much fruit, but only ornaments as on your Christmas tree. No matter; God can transform all in the coming year.

When we are hurt and frustrated, our moods and feelings change rapidly. So too with God, in whose image we are made. Feel the shifts and changes in the movement of God’s heart. Worship. Take hold of God’s hand stretched out to heal.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Lord, may my life yield good fruits v. 2
You continue to create v. 12
Humble eyes reflecting joy v. 15
Welcoming Your word to me. v. 24

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