Go Straight to God

Wednesday, January 1
Psalm 5

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If last week’s psalm can become your night prayer, this Psalm is perfect for mornings. The first attention of David upon awakening is God. Learn from David. Direct your words and your eyes straight into the Lord’s presence as soon as you awaken.

We are creatures who need the rhythms of daily cycles. Just as children love the security of routine, so we need that sense of comfort that comes through the repetition and return of regular practices of prayer. These can deepen our entry into God’s presence.

What are the habits of daily devotion that the Lord urges upon your heart? Though my own life has been through so many changes, I find continuity and peace to gently whisper into the morning what we used to pray as novices in religious life: “Laudetur Jesus Christus:” Praised be Jesus Christ.

Go straight into the presence of your God and from there only, live out your day.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Lord, give heed to my sighing. v. 1
Make Your way straight before me. v. 8
Rejoicing: You’re my refuge. v. 8
Shield me, Lord, with Your favor. v. 12

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