Because of You

Friday, January 3
Matthew 1

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Three great divisions of generations place Jesus into the immense tapestry of God’s activity in history. Each of these has fourteen generations—two times the perfect number—seven. They are described by Matthew in the conclusion of the genealogy in v. 17.

The New Testament begins with a grand sweep of the First Covenant. The list is taken from the paternal line. However, the symmetry is interrupted by the mention of foreign women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathesheba. The ways that God worked through these women outside the strictly male, Jewish line, set the stage for the miraculous intervention through Mary. This also anticipates the way in which God’s saving grace would include Gentiles.

The Lord has placed you in the generational list of those who will bear Christ. How will the next generation be brought to worship God because of you?

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Bible Breaths
Being righteous as Joseph. v. 19
Conceived by th’ Holy Spirit v. 20
Jesus saving us from sin. v. 21
“God with us,” Emmanuel v. 23

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