Innovation in the Skies

Sunday, January 5
Matthew 2:1–12

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Energy enters into a search for God. Pagan foreigners peer into the skies, seeking meaning to the new star they discover in the heavens. They leave everything to discover where it is leading. They follow the star shining in their hearts, as well as the one in the skies.

At polar opposites are Herod and the Jewish leaders. Nestled in complacency and inner blindness, they are not interested in God’s new King, but rather are anxious that he might overthrow the tables of their own power. Fear and hostility enter and possess them.

How are you when it comes to some new entry of God into your life? Are you open to search the inner skies of your own possibility for some innovation and direction there, or are you tempted to be your own “king,” resisting God’s reign in your life?

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Bible Breaths
Following the sacred star v. 2
Star stopping over the child v. 9
Opening my gifts for You v. 11
The path away from Herod v. 12

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3 thoughts on “Innovation in the Skies

  1. We’re amazed at our high definition TV. The colors from the Rose Bowl parade yesterday were spectacular.

    Have you noticed, however, that the colors of commercials are especially bright? One blogger suggested: “The color red at sales and in advertisements triggers a reaction in the brain where we feel an urgent need to go and buy.” The inner needs of the spirit are often buried beneath the debris of needs created by the industries of consumerism. Thus it is very difficult to hear the still, small, voice within.

    Studies have shown that TV can produce excessive alpha waves, the ones that occur during hypnosis. The bright colors of ads on HD TVs blind the sensitivities of inner sight; noise blots out the silence we need in order to listen.

    The Star caught the attention of the Magi because they were searching. Silence and the night sky was the environment needed in order for them to even see the new and beckoning star. By contrast, the noises without and within Herod’s ego not only blunted him from seeing the star, but made him murderous in his envy and fear. I thought of this when reading the Daily Word from this morning. “Riding sidesaddle with envy is a dangerous practice: I would be happy if I had what he or she possesses. By contrast, giving thanks constantly and in all circumstances liberates us from envy.” ( Edward Hays, The Great Escape Manual )

    May we find the star shining in our inner darkness, gently leading us to where the Spirit is speaking to us in the quiet within.


  2. I thought of this very passage a few weeks ago while gazing into the sky at 3am to view the lunar eclipse. I didn’t know whether the sky would be clear enough  or whether the window I was looking through would be in right place to see it. I awoke and went into the kitchen and looked outside. The first thing I saw in the southwest sky way way up high was a brilliant light (which in reality may be a planet) but for that night it was THE star to me. I immediately thought of the shepherds, following that star to Bethlehem. What a glorious  presence it was to see. It took my breath away and in that moment took me to the Christ child.

    May the light of Jesus shine through me each day as I continue to follow Him.


  3. Over the door of the seminary I attended was the Latin phrase from Ignatius Loyola: In omnibus quaerant Deum. “Let them find God in all things.” While you were looking for the eclipse, Marilyn, you really found God. Since your heart is set to search for God, you are open to find God in all things.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


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