Here I Am!

Monday, January 6
Isaiah 6

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The fire of God’s Holy Spirit falls upon the quivering mouth of Isaiah, releasing the incense of prophesy. The first news is not good. The Lord reveals to Isaiah a people whose hearts have become as heavy and hardened as Herod’s.

Notice how quickly the move of the fire of God upon the prophet loosens him from the guilt and shame of his own sinfulness. Though made the more noticeable because of the contrast between human sinfulness and God’s immense holiness, Isaiah still allows God to do a new and wondrous work in him. He is ready to be sent. Shame is burned away; only the sweet smelling fragrance of being alive to God’s personal mission upon his life remains.

Pray until you are as ready as Isaiah to respond to the “whatever” of God’s will, with your very own “Here I am.”

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Bible Breaths
Holy, holy, holy, Lord v. 3
Your glory filling the earth v. 3
Live coal of love on my mouth v. 7
Here I am: You sending me v. 8

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