A Heavy Heart’s Answered Prayer

Wednesday, January 8
Psalm 6

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God’s grace in the shining star penetrates the earth, revealing the fragile goodness and hardened arrogance that lurk there. Here in the middle of Epiphany Week, David’s bed of suffering evidences the struggle between good and evil. Verse after verse come as waves of feeling expressing the extent of David’s pain. However, the heart of this man extends even more, stretching his prayer to the utmost until he knows that God is answering him.

The coming of Christ brings turmoil to resistant ones. The more you turn your life over to God, the more persecution you will receive. Expect it! However, expect all the more that God will bring you beyond your pain to the triumphant experience by faith of God’s love and power in your life. Nothing nor anyone can take this away from you.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Be gracious to me, O Lord. v. 2
Turn, O Lord, and save my life. v. 4
You save for sake of Your love. v. 4
O Lord, you heart my weeping v. 8

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2 thoughts on “A Heavy Heart’s Answered Prayer

  1. I’m drawn to the word “languishing” in Psalm 6:2 The Merriam Websters Online Dictionary gives these meanings: 1 a: to be or become feeble, weak, or enervated b: to be or live in a state of depression or decreasing vitality. 2 a: to become dispirited b: to suffer neglect 3: to assume an expression of grief or emotion appealing for sympathy.

    The translation from the King James version is: “My bones are vexed.” The physical nature of the suffering—in the bones—makes more vivid the original meaning of the Hebrew word bahal meaning “to disturb, alarm, terrify, hurry, be disturbed, be anxious, be afraid, be hurried, be nervous.” The connection to “languish”is the resulting feeling of being de-energized as the result of some frightening experiences.

    The words used to describe the Hebrew meaning bring to mind experiences in our lives like those of the Psalmist. By becoming aware of any area of life where there may be languishing, we need to release the primary energies of the fears that lurk inside. What lurks within needs to come out. Then there is energy!


  2. Verse 9 brings comfort.

    “The Lord has heard my plea;
    the Lord will answer my prayer.” NLT

    No matter how grave things may be, God is only a prayer away. Keep focused on the light of Christ.

    Nehemiah 8:10b “Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” NLT


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