A Song of Victory

Wednesday, January 15
Psalm 7

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David finds a time and a place of respite in his flight from King Saul and his retinue that are pursuing David. Once again, he discovers by faith that the God of his heart will prevail. All that frightens David flees from him. He stops, gathers strength in this psalm given to him and to us by the Holy Spirit.

Take time apart today to pray this psalm over and over until its cumulative effect has all fears leave, bringing you to full awareness of the deep truths of the psalm. The power of God will lead you to safety.

Jesus emerges from the chaotic waters and is ready to bring victory. He is God’s beloved Son; listen to him. The Holy Spirit of God is praying this song of victory deep within you.

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Bible Breaths
Taking refuge in my God v. 1
You test the mind and the heart. v. 9
Giving thanks to You, O Lord.
Praises to Your holy name v. 17

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