Points of Combustion

Friday, January 17
Matthew 3

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Imagine the internal movement of your car’s engine in slow motion. As each piston meets the spark plug, there is a flash explosion in the cylinder, driving the piston down, moving the pin in the crankcase in a circular motion. Then the piston returns to be fired once again. All this happens some twenty-five to seventy-five times a second.

Over the past six weeks since the beginning of Advent, there have been points of ignition when the Holy Spirit’s fire has exploded in your heart, seeking to set your life into more complete movement toward the Lord. There was a point of fiery contact in the Second Sunday in Advent when we heard the first part of chapter 3, to be completed this past Sunday in the Baptism of Jesus.

Sense the new and creative cycles that these daily readings are setting in motion in your life. I pray that these Firestarters may be such sparks to ignite your heart.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Repent: the Kingdom is near. v. 2
The Holy Spirit and fire. v. 11
Holy Spirit descending v. 16
“This my Son: the Beloved” v. 17

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This is the Second Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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We read the Gospel of Matthew, except during Advent, the Infancy Narratives of Luke.

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