Someone to Turn To

Saturday, January 18
Exodus 18

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A brief, but decisive moment of intervention comes from a tender meeting with Moses’ father-in-law. Likely Moses had sent his wife and children to him during the ravages of the plagues. Now that the Exodus is complete, Jethro brings Moses’ family to him.

While the Midianites were descendants of Abraham through his concubine Keturah, they were considered as foreigners. However, God is at work in faith in Jethro through Moses’ witness. In addition, Jethro’s outside view of God’s work affords him a perspective often missed by those inside. Jethro suggests that Moses delegate leadership according to the numbers indicated in the verse for the day.

Is there someone to whom you can turn who loves you, yet is not so involved in your life that he or she is still able to give you insight into areas that you are missing?

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Bible Breaths
Delivered from Egyptians 18:10
Bread with Jethro and with God 18:12
Seeking the discerning voice
Thank You for all who uplift

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