The Home of the Ark

Tuesday, January 21

Joshua 18—19

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Before these chapters conclude with the rest of the lands apportioned to the remaining tribes, there is a simple notice given in the verse for today: the Ark of the Covenant has come to a place of rest; it has found a home. Just as the capital of a state or country is centrally located, so this city is chosen because it is near the center of the lands the Lord gave to the people. It is about 35 miles north of Jerusalem. The Ark will remain there for over 100 years until the Philistines capture it, as we read in 1 Samuel 4.

The tabernacle is the primary sacrament of the presence of God to God’s people. What do you have in your home and your life that reminds you of God’s enduring presence to you in Christ? During this Epiphany season, as the light of Jesus’ presence grows, do something to increase awareness—perhaps a star above your front door or an ornament that stays behind, after all the others have been gathered and stored in the attic.

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Bible Breaths
The ark at rest within me 18:1
My heart as an ark for You
I have a space in Your heart
Signs that You are present now

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This is the Third Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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