At Home in the Universe

Wednesday, January 22
Psalm 8

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The wider and deeper is David’s contemplation, the greater the sense of comfort and security he finds in God. David’s eyes sweep over the wonders of creation. He takes countless “snapshots” that bear the name of the Creator.

Then suddenly David becomes self-conscious. How tiny is the being whose eye is embracing all this! The insignificance he feels is not negative; rather he is lifted to awareness that the human being is the greatest expression of God’s creative love.

Lift your eyes to an expanse wider than the scope of your limited world and all its problems. May faith in God’s creative, preferential love for you have you believe how very much at home you are in the universe, no matter how tempted you might be to feel how far away and lost you are.

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Great Your name through all the earth! v. 2
Lips of children singing praise v. 3
Crowned with glory and honor v. 5
All things put under our feet v. 7

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