Adopted into God’s Family

Thursday, January 23
Galations 4

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As though we are in the middle of a lovely garden, we find ourselves in the center of Paul’s teaching about our salvation through Jesus. Simply put, God has brought us into God’s house and family. You and I can do nothing to qualify us for such adoption. Only Jesus is Son, but in Jesus, we have all the rights and privileges of the first-born son.

Catch the intensity of Paul’s words of love for the churches in Galatia that he urgently wants to be convinced of the truths he expresses. Meditate carefully upon the analogy he makes between Ishmael and Isaac—the former, the child of a slave, the latter, of a free woman. Receive the full impact of being a free child of God in God’s own house.

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Bible Breaths
The fullness of time has come. v. 4
Spirit cries: “Abba! Father!” v. 6
No more a slave, but a child v. 7
Birthing pain till Christ is formed v. 19

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This is the Third Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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Thursdays are dedicated to the New Testament, except the Gospels. This year in the season of Advent to Epiphany we read the letters of Titus, Philemon, Galatians and Philippians.

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