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Friday, January 24
Matthew 4

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Jesus, the sinless one, is nonetheless tempted. Three major temptations come against Jesus in the desert, occurring between the baptism and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. He takes upon himself the history of God’s people in the desert. Jesus is faithful where the Israelites were not. Last Sunday’s reference in John’s Gospel to Jesus as “The Lamb of God” is John’s way of seeing Jesus taking the place of the Paschal Lamb sacrificed in remembrance of the Exodus.

After the temptation, Capernaum becomes Jesus’ home-base. Miracles abound; immense crowds follow him. Immerse yourself in Jesus’ ministry. Give Jesus your history and let him transform its meaning, just as he did for our ancestors in the desert.

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Bible Breaths
Not by bread, but by Your Word v. 4
Trusting in the Lord our God v. 7
Worshipping and serving God v. 10
Healing and joy abounding v. 23

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This is the Third Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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We read the Gospel of Matthew, except during Advent, the Infancy Narratives of Luke.

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