Christmas Echoes Again

Monday, January 27
Isaiah 9

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Every year at Christmastime, this verse is proclaimed. Perhaps you will hear the familiar ecstatic music of Handel’s “Messiah” echoing within you. Sway with the joy of this verse, which forever imbeds itself against every dark and malicious enemy. Meditate upon the five names given to the Messiah. Say and sing them repeatedly during the course of this day, which the Lord has made.

Verse 8 begins to describe the judgment against Israel, referred to at the beginning of this section as “Jacob.” Israel, the northern kingdom with its ten tribes, has sinfully conspired against Judah in the south. Samaria, the capital of the key tribe of Ephraim, would be destroyed.

It is said that Handel wrote the entire Messiah in three weeks, with times of ecstasy lifting him throughout. The Holy Spirit will do something wonderful for you as well, as the “Wonderful Counselor,” Christ, is born in you.

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Bible Breaths
O Wonderful counselor! v. 6
“Mighty God,” I call You, Lord v. 6
My God, Forever Father v. 6
My Jesus: the Prince of Peace v. 6

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This is the Fourth Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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Mondays are dedicated to the Prophets,in this season the prophet Isaiah.

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