An Altar of Witness

Tuesday, January 28

Joshua 20—22

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Photo Courtesy – Rising Sun at Sengekontacket Pond & Barrier Beach
Photo Courtesy Don Cullivan © 2006

The final allotment of lands is decided with special provisions for the priestly house of Levi. Ponder the issue of the separate altar, which those tribes and half-tribes who settled on the eastern side of the Jordan had constructed. Find out why the rest of God’s people were so concerned about this and how the issue was resolved.

Once again, it is the dilemma of “The One and the Many.” The one sacrifice of Christ upon the cross irradiates across the globe, blending with the ongoing suffering of others.

Do you have a special place of prayer in your house that is a sanctuary for you? If not, create one. May it be for you what the eastern altar was—place of the rising sun. As each new day dawns, may God come more fully into your life.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Rest given on ev’ry side 21:44
Your promises come to pass 21:45
I keep the charge of the Lord 22:3
ServingYou with all my heart 22:5

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This is the Fourth Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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3 thoughts on “An Altar of Witness

  1. Everyday I receive spiritual quotations from Today’s fits so well in the reading from Joshua as an image of the sanctuary of prayer.

    I draw prayer round me like a dark protective wall, withdraw inside it as one might into a convent cell and then step outside again, calmer and stronger and more collected again. Etty Hillesum An Interrupted Life

    Awareness of time-frames can be such walls for prayer. Your favorite space at home might not be available, but time is always with us. Check the face of a clock when you pause to pray a Bible Breath or when you simply stop and drop into the Now which is always embraced by God’s loving presence.


  2. I live in a small apartment, so having a favorite space set aside for prayer isn’t possible. However, I find that early morning and bedtime are my “quiet times” where I am away from all the busy-ness in my life. I enjoy these times..and have found that my frequent wake ups in the middle of the night allow me extra time to dialogue with God.

    I particularly enjoyed todays spiritual quotation from I can relate to the concept of a wall…I used that as an object of protection in the past.. Most of my adolescence and all of my adult life I have dealt with family members with chronic medical conditions. Having that wall, helped me to be a strong supportive presence in their lives, without my emotions getting in the way.

    I have since learned to express my emotions in a more healing way. I don’t need that wall for protection…but find that space now as an inner sanctuary where I can spend time with God whenever I need to.

    I find comfort in going inward, to that space. Example…yesterday I received a phone call concerning unfavorable lab results on my daughter, and then in the mail, a newsletter from a support group for persons with the same rare disease as my daughter, in which there was a memorial for the children who passed away in 2010 from this disease. I felt darkness setting in….so I reached inward. Jesus, the light of the world…met me in those moments, and I was ok. I felt at peace. It is like the eye of the hurricane, no matter how bad the storm is around…there is calm in the center.

    The bible breaths, which I wear on a bracelet, are also a great source of refreshment and renewal during my day….a reminder of my Oneness with God, He is only a breath away!


  3. You have a gift, Marilyn, for sharing spiritual experience and insight.

    Thank you for this and the other contributions you are making in the vision of a daily Bible passage that works its way into our hearts, and from there into the hearts of others.


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