“Journal” – An Alphabyte

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

What would have happened if the sacred writers had not completed the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and moved beyond inward hearing to outward writing? There would have been no Bible—only traditions handed down by word of mouth, along with all the impressions of words to ear alone, instead of words to eye. The Bible needed to be written.

However, in addition to preserving the sacred words, the Lord uses the process of writing itself is a way of accessing the soul of the sacred writer. The open space of papyrus or page becomes the arena within which the Word and the writer through alphabets and languages release the creative Word. A journal is a way for this to continue.

A journal originally meant a book of worship for the day hours. It comes from the Latin diurnalis,the word “day” being related to the first syllable. Later, the word came to mean the daily happenings that one records.

From the pages of a journal the personal Word of God can well up from their point of origin⎯the deepest recesses of the spirit. The outcome is determined by the process. There are some things that will not be understand without the struggle⎯like ice dancers⎯with the tugging, pulling and yielding that takes place in writing.

As you move through the hours of the day and interplay with the events that sometimes seek to intrude upon your peace, take time⎯even mere minutes⎯to stop, pause, write some phrases that will unleash the Spirit. The Lord is actively using what is happening to you along with the Word for the day as a sacred counterpoint to show you God’s will, to unfold God’s love. God needs your attentive listening, as well as your obedient fingers in writing to give you a more complete expression of God’s purposes in your life.

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“Journal” introduces the Fifth Week in Epiphany:
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The Need of God

Sunday, February 2
Matthew 5:1–12

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As though with a magnifying glass, look more closely at the Eight Beatitudes. The first one from the New English Bible exposes the essence of what it means to be “poor in spirit.” “Blessed are those who know their need of God.” Poor indeed! The only source of our coming into existence is God.

Have you ever wondered why you came forth from your mother’s womb on the day of your birth, and why it was not someone else? It is a fact of God’s loving favor toward you that God decided some time ago to allow the idea of you take flesh at your conception. You need God alone for that fact. You need God alone for every breath, from the first gasp of air at birth, to the final sigh surrendering you in death.

If you truly live by the First Beatitude, the Kingdom of Heaven will be yours, not only after your final breath, but also in all the breaths, from the first to the last.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
The Kingdom of God is here v. 17
I leave all and follow You. v. 19
Dancing with the Lord of life
You are the Lord, my Healer. v. 23

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