Fires that Consume

Monday, February 3
Isaiah 10:1–19

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Though the Lord had used pagan Assyria to bring judgment upon Israel, the arrogance of Assyria brings its own punishment. Listen to that nation’s haughty words, boasting that its cities are like the great ones that were destroyed. They blaspheme by blurting out that Judah’s God is just like the pagan ones of Syria that Assyria destroyed. The poetry that Isaiah paints serves to make the arrogance and blasphemy of Assyria even bolder. The fire started here will consume.

Reflect upon the energies of the world that press about. Can you not hear similar words muttered beneath commercials conspiring that we consume more and more of the riches of the earth? Work and pray against the injustices that pervade current society, just as they did in Isaiah’s day. The fire of God’s love: may it burn away all pride.

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Bible Breaths
Blest those who suffer for right Mt 5:10
The exalted are humbled. Mt 23:12
Gathered as eggs forsaken v. 14
The holy flame of Your light v. 17

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This is the Fifth Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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Mondays are dedicated to the Prophets,in this season the prophet Isaiah.

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