But I Tell You…

Friday, February 7
Matthew 5:21–48

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Jesus’ words from the Mount of the Beatitudes join with those given to Moses on Sinai. Jesus embraces them, but goes deeper than mere external fulfillment of the Torah, the Law. Six times, while referring to the Torah, Jesus says “But I tell you …”

Consider the power of this transference. Jesus is embodies the Torah. He is alive in the Holy Spirit, seeking to go ever deeper into your own heart, there to refine and make perfect, the inner subtleties of Jesus’ law of love. The Spirit prompts you to live love from its point of depth-sowing until full fruit-bearing, as we considered in yesterday’s reading from Galatians.

May you find special joy in knowing that the Spirit within you will be constantly suggesting, inclining, inspiring you this very day at every moment, to act, not as the world teaches, but as Jesus does.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
First reconciled, then my gift v. 24
Struck on cheek, turning other v. 39
I will go the extra mile v. 41
Loving well, my enemies v. 44

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This is the Fifth Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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We read the Gospel of Matthew, except during Advent, the Infancy Narratives of Luke.

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3 thoughts on “But I Tell You…

  1. Jesus does embrace the laws of Moses against murder and adultery–and goes deeper to the heart of their meaning. Yet then Jesus quotes laws of Moses about divorce, oaths, punishment (eye for an eye), and loving neighbor and hating enemy–and he does not embrace them, or turn to deeper inner meanings. Instead, he gives his own new laws, (as part of “but I say to you”), laws that are about words and actions: no more divorce, no more oaths, no more punishing, no more hating enemies.


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