Saturday, February 8
Exodus 27:20—28:30

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While it is forbidden to make images of God, the Lord does command Moses that there be symbolic objects, colors and clothing in order to draw the people into a sense of prayer and the presence of God. We have come to call such articles, “sacramentals.”

The Sabbath portion begins with oil for the lamp, the origin of sanctuary lamps in some church traditions. Then we move into the vestments of Aaron and the priests. Read slowly, so that you can turn the verbal instructions of the ephod and the breastplate into mental pictures.

What do you have in your house and on your person that can become constant reminders of the presence of the Lord? Just as the Twelve Tribes that were carried on Aaron’s shoulders and over his heart, what can you do to be reminded of the burdens of others you are asked to carry in prayer? Hold these persons in your heart.

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Bible Breaths
Bringing pure oil for the light 27:20
Clothing myself with the Christ Gal 3:17
Sacraments of Your Presence
Carrying others’ burdens

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