Keeping Sabbath Time

Saturday, February 15
Exodus 30:11—31:17

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God told Moses to have the people bring money as a response to having their lives ransomed in the Exodus. However, the priceless blood of Jesus has truly redeemed us and ransomed us from death.

The barrenness of the desert surroundings are set in marked contrast with the materials that are to become the sacred articles of the wilderness tabernacle. Three of them are the gifts of the Magi to Jesus. As sense of the sacred is heightened by having the ingredients for anointing oil and incense be used for these purposes only. The sense of smell, the most powerful sense that links us to memory, reminds the people of the sacred presence of God.

What are the articles in your life that you employ only for the service and worship of God? Do you keep Sabbath time?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Ransomed by the blood of Christ 30:16
Anointed with sacred oil 30:25
Incense rising from my heart 30:34
Pausing to keep Sabbath time 31:12

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