Four Gifts of the Spirit

Tuesday, February 18

Proverbs 2

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Thomas Kinkade – Mountain Retreat

The Mounts of Sinai, the Beatitudes, and the Transfiguration invite us to linger in their atmosphere of contact with the divine as we listen to these words. While they are abstract, taste them nonetheless. Consider how wisdom, knowledge, discretion, and understanding are present, or absent, in your life. Let today be a special day of reflection on your life, taking the mountain images as ones of retreat, reflection and reordering of your life’s priorities in keeping with the daily inspirations of God’s holy Word.

Though these four gifts are abstract, they engage all the practical aspects of your life. How are you to live in the light of these gifts? This is the constant question of Proverbs. Reflect…ponder…write.

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Bible Breaths
I cry out for insight now v. 3
Finding the knowledge of God v. 5
Wisdom coming to my heart v. 10
Prudence watching over me v. 11

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