The Fire of Healing Love

Friday – The Gospels
Matthew 8

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Jesus Heals a Leper: Rembrandt

Action follows thought, as we come down the mountain after pondering “The Sermon on the Mount.” There at the foot of the mountain is one of the rejects from Jewish society—a leper. Rather than keeping his distance, Jesus approaches and does the unthinkable: he touches him. As sparks leap from one pole to another, so do the hands of Jesus ignite the fire of healing love in those desperately bound by sickness in one form or another.

Wonder at the healings in this chapter. Reflect upon the demands of discipleship. Jesus has authority over the winds and the seas, yet the power over your own heart the Lord reserves until you surrender all to him. Therefore, do it now and live every hour of this and every day in God.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
You alone can make me clean. v. 2
Speak Your word and I am healed. v. 8
You take our infirmities. v. 17
After the storm the calming v. 26

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This is the Ninth Week in Epiphany, Year A.
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We read the Gospel of Matthew, except during Advent, the Infancy Narratives of Luke.

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