Pure Gold

Thursday – The New Testament
Ephesians 2

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One of the deepest desires in the Middle Ages was the search for a secret formula that would turn base metals into gold. It was called alchemy.

In verse 10, Paul uses a Greek word poiema, from which comes our word, “poem.” It means a “work of art.” By grace, your Creator can make the base and tarnished “metal” of your being into a golden masterpiece.

Read this chapter joyfully and tenderly receiving all the gifts of oneness with God that Christ has gained for you. Believe that everything else in your life can be blended into the pure gold of this awesome grace. Verse after verse of this chapter unfolds the vision of what God wants to do with you, God’s irreplaceable work of art. The work is God’s, not yours.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Seated with Christ in heaven v. 6
Brought near by blood of Jesus v. 13
Hatred dying on the cross v. 16
Built as a dwelling for God v. 22

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