The Burnt Offering of the Self

Saturday – The Torah
Leviticus 9:1—10:11

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Here is one of the principal places in the Bible that describes ordination to ministry. Again, the presence of God is described as fire. While consuming the offering of Aaron, the fire elevates it to heaven. On the other hand, the profane offering of Nadab and Abihu is simply reduced to ashes; nothing ascends. Idol worship has contaminated their offering.

You and I are to live immersed in Jesus, one with his offering in the fire of his love on the cross. We are one with him as priest, prophet, and king. Whether or not you are an ordained deacon, priest or elder, you still have a call to ministry placed upon your life. May there be nothing frivolous or contaminated with other “gods” in what you bring—nothing less than the offering of your self in service to the Lord.

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Bible Breaths
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My heart, a burnt offering 9:1ff
The inner tent of meeting 9:23
Holy incense to the Lord 10:1
Discerning clean from unclean 10:10

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