To New Depths

Sunday – The Gospels from the Lectionary
John 4:5-42

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Once again, a dialogue takes place between Jesus and another with whom you can identify. This time it is a woman, a public sinner, who encounters Jesus at noontime, contrasting with the midnight visit of righteous Nicodemus.

Jesus dares to do what no Jewish man would ever do—talk to a woman, a Samaritan as well. As is typical in John’s Gospel, the conversation is on two dimensions—a literal, earthly one on the part of the woman, a sacred, heavenly one on the part of Jesus.

Listen carefully as the Lord loosens you from sin in your spirit. Do you also feel isolated and rejected as this woman? Jesus addresses you face-to-face and heart-to-heart in her. Yield to the Lord. Let the plumb line image help you to descend straight down into the depths of your inner well. Receive the living waters that spring forth.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Lord, give me living water. v. 10
Your water: spring gushing forth v. 14
Worship in spirit and truth v. 23
Messiah speaking to me v. 26

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This is the Third Week in Lent, Year A.
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