Jottings and Joltings

Thursday – The New Testament
Ephesians 4

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From the boundaries of Paul’s prison come these words that leap in freedom beyond those walls. A careful, meditative reading of this chapter will penetrate walls of resistance that may yet lurk within the prison of your own heart. Here are words that bear potential for personal transformation. Read and reread them slowly, until the power of God in Paul moves within you as well.

Pause with Paul at those places where you find your spirit shaken positively or negatively. These are the areas where you need to grow so that you can meet the challenge of Paul to respond to grace. Make jottings in your journal where joltings occur. A spontaneous list of areas to grow may emerge. The very process of writing will help to unfold the list; you will have a “blueprint” for the work that yet needs to be done in your life.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Bearing in love with others v. 2
Unity in bond of peace v. 3
Your body built up in love v. 16
Forgiving as God forgave v. 32

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This is the Fourth Week in Lent, Year A.
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