Images of the Enemy

Wednesday – The Psalms
Psalm 124

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The final “Song of Ascents” for this year brings us near the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Jesus, Job, and the psalmist experience the onslaught of enemy power coming against them. Do you identify with them? Three images are uplifted that describe these enemies. Feel them. In what way do they serve to have you sense enemy power coming against you?

Verse 8, the final one in the psalm, has been used from earliest times in worship as a prelude to the final blessing. Meditate upon the blessings that will come to you when you know with your entire being that the one who is your defense is the One who made heaven and earth. Is there any power greater than this? Is there anyone more disposed to come to your aid than the Lord?

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Bible Breaths
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The Lord ever beside me v. 1
You protect from enemies. v. 2
Freed like a bird from the snare v. 7
Help in the name of the Lord v. 8

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One thought on “Images of the Enemy

  1. The three central verses of this psalm cannot be read without thinking of the tsunami disaster in Japan. Yet even this tragedy is but a blip on the radar of the eternal life and love that God gave to those victims, whether living or dead—and to us. I recall the significance of the raising of Lazarus in the Gospel last Sunday. Pardon the pun, but the waves of God’s love and our response in compassion flow over the suffering, giving resurrection.

    However, the waves the psalmist describes are those of rage. When God’s goodness creates an inner cleft in the foundations of the worldly, then this unsettling can cause waves of rage in others. Jesus overturning the tables in the temple was an earthquake to the religious system at the time, causing waves of rage that resulted in Jesus’ death. In our everyday life, someone a bit less cautious in cutting in front of someone on the highway becomes an inner earthquake of rage for some folks.

    God’s love lifts us above the billows of anger converging upon us. We are not victims of others’ anger, but victorious by the love for our enemies that saves us from being swallowed up by our own anger and fear. The anger of others seeks to trap us by the snares on their faces. God opens the trap and sets us as free. May we not close the trap again and set ourselves anymore as victims.


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