God at Last

Tuesday – The Hebrew “Writings”

Job 38

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At last Job listens to the Lord. The strategy of God is not to answer the questions that have been the debate of the previous chapters, but rather, to pose more questions! The Lord simply repositions Job into his place in the universe. The result is silence. Job’s arguing and complaining ceases as he yields to pure wonder at the beauty of the world. It is beyond his capacity to understand. Contemplation wins out over competition and complaining.

The secret of your own peace lies in totally listening to the Lord speaking to you and asking these same questions. God speaks to you through the pen of Job. Pick up your own pen and let the Lord do the same through you. What does the Lord have to say to you after the debate in your head is over?

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
In Your presence, Lord, My God
The beauty of creation
Wisdom welling from within v. 36
Willing to live with questions

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