From Mourning to Joy

Easter Sunday
Sundays: The Gospels from the Lectionary<br /John 20:1-18

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Carlo Dolci – “Magdalene”
between 1660 and 1670
Oil on canvas – Height: (28.7 in). Width: (22 in) –

New Adam, new Eve, new Eden, new creation: this is Easter morning. Mary Magdalene, figure of Eve and all humanity, weeps at the tomb of her beloved. St. John has the beginning of chapter 3 of The Song of Songs in mind, as we will see in the final four Tuesdays in Easter this year. Be in touch with your own inner weeping for deeper union with the Lord.

Unrecognized, because utterly unexpected, Jesus appears. Come close. The spiritual fragrance of this morning penetrates your soul until there is a resurrection-shift from tears of mourning to tears of joy. The source of the joy is what has happened to Jesus. The spouse of your soul is before you. Leap beyond the prison of your own self-consciousness of sin, to the presence of your Jesus who receives you and loves you completely.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Linen wrappings lying there v. 5
Empty tomb: Lord, I believe. v. 8
“Woman, whom are you seeking?” v. 15
Mary having seen the Lord v. 18

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This Easter Week, Year A.
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