Apple in God’s Eye

Wednesday – The Psalms
Psalm 17

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Clear a space at the center of your self. It is the middle of the week where the work-struggle is strong for so many. The first words of this psalm lead you into the presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit prays through you as a defense attorney for yourself and the rest of humankind.

Even more than David’s surrender in trust, you, adopted son or daughter of the living God, have the right to come into the presence of God.

Examine yourself and your tongue, not with the knitted eyebrows of tight judgment, but with the open-handed, openhearted honesty that draws you closer to the Lord.

Here is your prayer for the day. Pray it often. Linger a long time with the last verse.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Vindication comes from You. v. 2
My steps held fast to your paths. v. 5
Guard me, apple of Your eye. v. 8
When awake, seeing Your face v. 15

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This is the Third Week in Easter, Year A.
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Wednesdays are dedicated to the Psalms,
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