Power in the Name

Thursday – The New Testament
Acts 3—4

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Gustave Doré: The Bible Illustrations

Perhaps Jesus often saw this lame man sitting by the door as Jesus went in and out of the Temple. He might have said to himself, “This one will be healed soon through my Spirit in Peter and John.” The Acts of the Apostles are the continuation into the Church of the ministry of Jesus’healing, loving, teaching.

The evidence of the resurrection is immediate in the lives of the Apostles. Jesus lives in them. Not only has he died and risen, but so have the first Christians died and risen in him. Nothing can keep them from being with Jesus, for his Spirit dwells in them. They draw forth riches for healing, calling on the Name of Jesus that brings the power of this presence.

Easter power is yours.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Rise and walk in Jesus’ name. 3:6
Walking, leaping and praising 3:8
Speaking Your word with boldness 4:29
My life laid at Jesus’ feet. 4:37

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This is the Third Week in Easter, Year A.
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