Miracle Bread

Friday – The Gospels
John 6:1-21

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Jesus could have turned the stones around him into bread to feed the crowd; this was the temptation of the devil when Jesus was hungry at the end of his forty-day fast at the beginning of his ministry. Instead, Jesus takes what food is there. The lunch of a young boy becomes the seed for the miracle.

Bring what you have to the Lord. God has made you good and can multiply that goodness to feed many. Feed your spirit with the Word of the Lord who hands you miracle bread of his body right now. Walk with him on top of the turbulent waters of your life. He wishes to bring you in the Easter season through a new Exodus to life on the other side of anguish and pain.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Lord, You take and bless my loaves. v. 11
Gathering up the fragments v. 12
Withdrawing to the mountain v. 15
It is You: I’m not afraid. v. 20

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This is the Third Week in Easter, Year A.
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