Better that Jesus Go

Friday of the Fifth Week in Easter, Year B
John 16:1-15

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Jesus prepares his disciples and us for the persecutions that are to come. Again, the situation for the very writing of this Gospel is disclosed: “They will put you out of synagogues.” Jesus promises the Holy Spirit as the Comforter in the dislocation of Jesus’ disciples from being able to worship as Jews.

Jesus announces that he is going away. He softens the sadness by stating that it is better that this be so; otherwise, “The Helper will not come to you.” Jesus of Nazareth releases himself from being a limited presence on the earth. Because of the resurrection, Christ’s body is beyond being bound by time and space. The Lord Christ lives in limitless space and eternity itself. Yet all the intimacy of his presence is preserved for you, because of the coming of the Holy Spirit into your heart.

Fridays in the Easter Season are dedicated to the Gospel of John.

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3 thoughts on “Better that Jesus Go

  1. There are many who even today face persecution because of their faith, whether it be subtle in a family/work place or life threatening. When Jesus went away so that the Holy Spirit could come he was not only looking out for his apostles, but us too. How overwhelming a gift was given.

    The more often I read this scripture the more comforting I find it. Jesus warns of frightening times ahead and at the same time gives great reassurance. We will not be alone. This is one of the beautiful places where we glimpse the Trinity and know that we are never forgotten, never alone.


  2. We are never alone, never without the indwelling presence of the Spirit actively infusing us with love and wisdom. So important are the times to stop, be aware of this awesome fact, and discover what the Spirit is saying to us at that very moment. A notebook at hand helps to catch what the Spirit is saying.


  3. I have found that letting the pen go free sometimes ends up in a two way conversation that ends with comort, wisdom, or resolution that wasn’t there when I started. It’s wonderful.


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